Crushed & Strained Silky Honey

The best liquid honey in my book is the stuff that’s been filtered through beeswax like I do in this video. It might look gross, but it’s exquisite.

Purists (or honey snobs) will say honey without beeswax isn’t real honey, and they sort of have a point there. Honey that’s been extracted doesn’t have the same silky texture that crushed and strained honey does. It doesn’t have the same flavour either. I suppose milk purist would say the same thing about raw milk compared to 2% milk. It’s argued that honey comb that’s been crushed and strained (strained through its own wax) is the crème de la crème of liquid honey. I won’t argue with that.

I forgot to mention in the video that I do this with foundationless frames, but it works with combs built on plastic foundation too. All I do is scrape the comb off the foundation. Everything else is the same.

Here’s a more elaborate version of cut and strain honey that includes cutting up comb honey, which some even purer purists consider the absolute purist incarnation of honey.