Crushing Comb & Cleaning The Beeswax

I often make crushed & strained silky liquid honey and let the bees clean up the crushed comb afterwards. Digging through my archives, I found some footage that shows how I do it.

I talk about all kinds of things in this video, most of which would take up too much space to reiterate here. But here’s basic rundown of the whole thing:

00:00 — 10 pounds comb honey in a bowl.
00:55 — Honey filtered through beeswax is different than extracted honey.
01:50 — Crushed comb honey, crushed with a potato masher.
02:20 — Straining the honey with a kitchen strainer.
03:20 — Straining honey through a “professional” honey strainer.
03:50 — Left over wax after straining overnight.
04:25 — The liquid honey in a pot and wax in a “drying” container.
05:25 — The bees starting to dig into the honey-soaked wax.
06:30 — An open feeder. I often use open feeders, but don’t tell anyone because apparently it’ll bring on the apocalypse. I’ll explain my use of open feeders in a future video, but this short digression explains it well.
07:55 — The bees quickly homing in on the open feeder full of honeyed wax.
08:10 — And finally, the dried, flaky beeswax sucked dry of honey by the bees.