Daisies {Click to Enlarge}

Honey bees like daisies.

They may not fly all the way out to a cliff at Whale’s Cove to check ’em out, but I did.

Not much to see here folks, except some daisies.

These photos were taken yesterday on my smartphone, an old Samsung Galaxy S7, while the temperature was 8°C (46°F). I did some colour processing through Google Photos (I love my Gmail account for stuff like this). Nothing fancy. I took the photos in “Food” mode on my smartphone’s camera. Now you know my secrets.

8°C is a big dip from the 30°C heat and humidity we experienced for a good part of June.

My colonies were on the verge of swarming and now they’re clustering like it’s winter again.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the daises and clicked a few to enlarge them (unless you’re viewing this on a cell phone, in which case, forget about it).

Waiting for the sun…

3 thoughts on “Daisies {Click to Enlarge}

  1. Nice pix Phillip, I love the pure white of daisy petals. Not many other flowers have that kind of color. Beauty.

  2. Fabulous colours. It’s been more wet than cold here but we’ve had a 10C dip in temperature. I’ve been missing the sunshine!

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