Dogs Barking with Slow Motion Honey Bees

A slow motion clip, for those have the patience to look and listen to some bees for a minute or two. Probably best viewed in full screen.

5 thoughts on “Dogs Barking with Slow Motion Honey Bees

  1. Neat video, Thanks for sharing! The spring melt is on , here in Upper Sackville, N S. Yet still lots of snow in the woods and my bee yard. …still lots of crispy cold , foggy , rainy, dank days yet…but it’s coming ….SUMMER! …..bee work ramping up too! 😄

    • Hey, I used to live in Lower Sackville, NS. I’ve considered moving back to NS, probably closer to Cape Breton, seeing how NL is likely to go bankrupt in a few years. I love Nova Scotia.

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