Does this look like a dead queen to you?

Does this look like a dead queen to you?


I removed the hive top feeders from both of our hives on Friday the 13th. I installed double-frame feeders instead (aka division board feeders). The whole procedure was fraught with peril, plenty of opportunity to injure or kill a queen bee. Then today I was cleaning up the hive top feeders and noticed these dead bees on the underside of one of them:

Does the bee on the end look like a dead queen to you? Just asking.

UPDATE (August 20/11): I had yet to spot a queen in any of our hives at this point. The large bee in this photo is clearly not a queen.

11 thoughts on “Does this look like a dead queen to you?

  1. Jody, I wasn’t asking you. I’m looking for an informed opinion.

    (P.S., Jody’s my brother, so I can be mean to him.)

  2. It’s 12°C in the backyard and both hives are active and doing what they normally do. So maybe that isn’t a dead queen. The long bee in the photo could be a regular bee that got squished and stretched out a bit.

    I’ll check in a week or two for supercedure cells.

  3. Nope, not a dead queen. The abdomen is too dark for your queen and not quite long enough. I think you are fine.

  4. Too dark? I thought it would be mostly dark. Though I’m not sure what kind of queens are in my hives, and I’ve never made much effort to spot either one of them. I’ll try this summer, though, for when I have to replace the queens, probably next year. I wish I could make a new queen from the same stock as the queen in Hive #1. That colony in that has been the most impressive, though these days both colonies seem to be doing well.

  5. Mid summer you could probably have enough drones to make a decent queen. The queen in question can make a new queen for you. Simply make a split so they build a queen cell and allow it to move forward. We can discuss off line later.

    Also to get an ideal what you r queen looks like go to Long Lane Farms and look at the latest blog. There is a pic of a queen there and looks almost identical to mine. Size ,shape, colour, etc. Yours should ook like that too.

    For all you know maybe the queen laid female eggs in the drone comb you have. Anything is possible.

  6. Don’t you hate how they change shape when they’re dead? I don’t think that’s a queen. The one thing that stands out for me on queens, is the shiny thorax. Here’s a picture of one of my dead queens versus a worker bee.

  7. The long abdomen had me thinking it might be a queen. But I think it’s just an elongated dead bee. Like you said, the thorax isn’t shiny, and the abdomen would likely have lighter colour to it.

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