First Comb Honey of 2019

I stole some comb honey from my bees for the first time in about three years.

The bees quickly drew out and filled the comb soon after local fireweed came into bloom, which makes me think it’s mostly fireweed honey. Pure fireweed honey is virtually colourless. It almost looks like it’s made from sugar syrup. I’ve only tasted it once in Newfoundland from hives set up in Logy Bay. I’ve tasted other honey in Newfoundland that claims to be fireweed, but the colour and taste of it makes me think it’s a mix. A pure varietal honey in Newfoundland, with wild flowers growing everywhere, seems unlikely.

This is a guilty pleasure video that shows how I like to share my first comb honey of the year with friends. My favourite way to eat comb honey is with blue cheese on a fancy cracker (I happen like Sociables, but whatever works). It kind of tastes like grape pop (or soda as they say in the US).

Cheeses that don’t have much of a bite to them get lost in the sweetness of the honey. On this day we had the comb honey with a extra old cheddar flavoured with savory and onion as well as blue cheese. A dryish red wine don’t hurt either, for those who imbibe.

3 thoughts on “First Comb Honey of 2019

  1. In this case, I had wired frames of wax foundation I got from someone who was stepping away from beekeeping for awhile, but I usually go with completely foundationless frames when I make comb honey. I use a fair number of foundationless frames in the brood chamber too. The bees seem to build comb just as quickly, if not faster, on foundationless frames when they’re placed between two frames of drawn comb.

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