First Dandelions on 2021

I saw my first dandelion in Flatrock today. It seems like it took forever, but it’s five days earlier than last year’s dandelions, so I’ll take it.

3 thoughts on “First Dandelions on 2021

  1. I remember the days as a kid when I dreaded seeing dandelions as it meant the backbreaking task of digging them out was added to my chore list. Now the sight of a lawn full of those brite yellow flowers makes me smile. I just moved some hives to an old farm site, full of dandelion. I’ve never seen that kind of activity before, the whole hive entrance and front was stained yellow. Lovely sight!

    Happy spring from Grand Lake, NS.

  2. Thanks Paul. I’ve got a couple of emails from you in my Inbox that I haven’t responded to. It’s on my to-do list, but I’ve had Covid things on my mind for a while, and I’m just falling behind in anything that requires sustained attention for more than two minutes. But I’ll get there.

  3. NP Philip, we’re all chasing lots of squirrels these days. Stay home, stay safe and watch your bees. They don’t seem to be too bent out of shape.


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