Foil Bubble Wrap and Cotton Pillows – Part 2

I dropped in on the hive that I wrapped with foil bubble insulation to see if it survived a storm that brought in 140 kph (87 mph) winds. I also checked on the cotton hive pillows that I made last week to see if they were mouldy.

Bubble foil wrap holding on tight after six days and a snow storm with 140 kph winds. (Isle of Newfoundland, December 11th, 2021.)

The hive pillows weren’t mouldy (there’s a good chance they’ll get mouldy) and the hive wrap didn’t blow off in the strong winds, despite being attached with tacks.

It’s another walkalong video where I talk about everything before I do it and while I’m doing it and so on, recording every vagrant thought that comes to mind as I do what I do. So without further adieu, here’s the video:

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