Hive Pillows to Replace Moisture Quilts

While ventilated quilt boxes and moisture quilts can do a great job at keeping beehives dry in the winter, they can be a pain to maintain… in the rain on the plains with stains on my cranes. You know what I mean. I’m looking to simplify what I do. So instead of dumping wood chips into a quilt box or moisture quilt, I’ve been dropping what I call a hive pillow over a slightly insulated inner cover, hoping for the same drying effect of a moisture quilt but without the loss of heat.

I know it looks like I’m working without a plan these days, but there is a method to my madness.

00:00 — A damp beeyard.
00:45 — 6mm / quarter-inch mesh to keep shrews out.
01:20 — Wax-dipped bottom boards (water-resistance).
02:25 — Silver bubble wrap over inner covers.
03:00 — Hive pillows to replace moisture quilts.
04:05 — Thermal dynamics of ventilated hive.
05:15 — How a moisture quilt keeps the bees dry.
06:25 — Non-wrapped hive over-wintered well.
07:20 — Ventilation rim seems to be the key.
07:50 — Summary of beeyard plans.