Hives Snowbound for 29 Days

Most of my hives have been buried in snow since January 17th, 2020. Yesterday, they still looked like this:

Four hives buried in snow since January 17th, 2020. (February 15th, 2020.)

I might need to give them some sugar or protein patties soon, so I decided to dig them out a bit.

The first hive I dug out of the snow (February 15th, 2020).

My shovel banged against the hives a few times and I could hear the bees roaring inside.

A row of hives freshly dug out of from the snow bank (February 15th, 2020).

I have a video in the works that tells this tale from beginning to end, but because this is still an ongoing story, it won’t be up for a while. I may, however, update this post with thermal imaging photos and other pics while the situation develops.

3 thoughts on “Hives Snowbound for 29 Days

  1. Wow ! That’s some snow! The gyms in Newfoundland might go bust , everyone getting their workouts in their own yards!
    Waiting for the hive update…..

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