Honey Bee Friendly Flower: Colts Foot

The first time I wrote about Colts Foot, I got it wrong. It was probably Meadow Hawkweed, which seems to bloom around July in my part of Newfoundland. Colts Foot (or Tussilago) shows up in May, even earlier in warmer inland areas of Newfoundland. In any case, the bees like it, so it’s going on my list of Newfoundland Honey Bee Forage.

Colts Foot finally blooming in Flatrock. (May 1st, 2021.)

I’m not a flower expert, so getting these things wrong from time to time is in the realm of possibility for me.

2 thoughts on “Honey Bee Friendly Flower: Colts Foot

  1. May I suggest a book from the NFLD author/horticulturalist Todd Boland, WILDFLOWERS OF NOVA SCOTIA: FIELD GUIDE. Not sure, he may have a NFLD version too ;) It’s excellent field guide for Atlantic Canada, highly recommended.


  2. I know Todd. I think he has a NL version of that book. That would probably make my life a little easier. Why didn’t I think of this before? I’ll check it out.

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