Honey Bees Being Born

I’m still on vacation from the internet, but here’s a quick video we shot last week showing some baby bees emerging, chewing their way out of their brood cells:

Our beekeeping hasn’t been much fun this year. Although the bees are in a good rural location, seeing them only once a week for a few hours defeats my reason for keeping bees, which is to watch them every day, hang out with them, learn from them. So this year has been a big bust for me. If the situation doesn’t improve by next spring, I might sell the hives and wait until I have more time, money and resources to put into beekeeping before I go at it again. I doubt it’ll come to that, but whatever happens eventually, I’ll still post new photos to my Picasa photo ablum from time to time until I get back to regular posting sometime in the fall. The photos will show up in the slide show below.

iPad and other non-Flash mobile devices can view slideshow photos here: Miscellaneous Beekeeping Pics.