Honey Bees Drinking From a Hive Top Feeder

Another example of the wonderful things to be found on Twitter and other social networking sites under the hashtag #NLbees:

2016-09-04 14.40.05

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2016-09-04 14.39.07

2 thoughts on “Honey Bees Drinking From a Hive Top Feeder

  1. Lovely feeder, this post is what inspired me to build one myself. So far so good, I love how many bee’s can access this feeder at a time, increased feed intake on the first day by 250%, and that was just because that is all I had added to the feeder. I can’t wait for spring, this plus pollen substitutes for the hive I plan to split should get it off to a booming start!

    I know I mentioned this in another location but I will add it here for your other readers. To waterproof mine, I painted the interior with 100% Silicone caulking. Squirted it out for just the seams but after I had it spread out the seal looked so fantastic I just spread more on all interior surfaces. No leaks yet, but it took about a full caulking tube to do one feeder.

    • The hive top feeder in this post was built by Jeff in Clarenville. Not sure if you know him. A good guy. One of the few whose opinion I listen to. The silicone was added only to the seams. The rest of it, as far as I can tell, is untreated wood.

      I think if I had to build one myself, I’d just use silicone on the seams and paint the rest of it with a few coats of beeswax. The hive top feeders I bought from Beemaid in 2010 don’t have any silicone, only a beeswax coating.

      Not that I’m finding fault with your feeder. It’s looks fantastic to me. I’m just pointing out the differences.

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