Honey Bees Fanning in Slow Motion Again

Two slow motion video clips I posted on Twitter of my bees ventilating their hive. Another reminder for other Newfoundland beekeepers to use the hashtag #NLbees on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites. Come on, people, it’s so easy to share information and photos this way but nobody’s joining in.

2 thoughts on “Honey Bees Fanning in Slow Motion Again

  1. Thanks.

    By the way, Emily, your comments are always flagged as potentially containing malicious content for some reason. Only your comments. I don’t know why. It’s been like this for a month or so now. My best guess is that someone else on your internet provider’s service has been flagged as a SPAMMER and you’re getting lumped in with them. It’s not a problem, but I always have to click “I trust this person” before my WordPress filters will let one of your comments go live.

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