7 thoughts on “Honey & Blue Cheese

  1. I don’t have any figs or walnuts in the house, but you’re on. Future video: Eating honey with figs and walnuts and blue cheese.

  2. Yeah, it’s good stuff. We usually have it on a baguette. It goes down pretty good. We hope to pick some walnuts soon and add that to the mix.

    We also harvested some honey that may be fireweed honey — it’s virtually white (the honey on the bottom):

    From Miscellaneous Beekeeping Pics

    At first I thought it was capped syrup (because I inadvertently left some syrup outside), but on closer inspection, we’re pretty sure it’s fireweed honey. Apparently it’s a highly prized honey, though it hardly seems to have any flavour to me.

  3. I just saw the video yesterday. I’m definitely going to try it, just as soon as I get some honey in the comb. Thanks a lot for showing this.

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