Honey & YoÄŸurt

How do you eat honey?

I didn’t much care for honey until I got into beekeeping. Then I tasted raw honey and it was something different altogether. Perhaps it’s similar to drinking raw milk? I don’t know. I’ve never had raw milk, but I’m guessing it’s fantastic compared to grocery store milk.

I eat honey on toast and in my tea. I eat comb honey with blue cheese on a fancy cracker, which I love but generally only bother with once a year. I like comb honey on toast too. For a quick breakfast before I head out the door, I sometimes mix honey with Greek yoÄŸurt, which gives the yoÄŸurt as flowery flavour. Then I dump in berries and muesli or granola — whatever looks good. I sometimes take a small spoonful of honey to cut back on sugar cravings at work. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar from a vending machine, I have some honey. It’s pleasant and it works.

I mostly enjoy eating honey just as it is, in comb or liquid form — with nothing. It always feels good, real good, to taste fresh raw honey from my bees and savour it.

I don’t do anything religiously, but I think I eat honey every day.