Honeybee Paradise

If only I had some honeybees. {Deep sigh.} Still no word from the one beekeeper on the island who might be able to supply me with some bees. I can’t take this much longer. I’ve sent emails and left phone messages. No replies. Being entirely dependent on a single source for my honeybees, ugh — I wish I lived anywhere in Canada but Newfoundland right now. I’m calling again one more time tonight, and if I don’t get a response, I might lose it. In the meantime, check out some of the blossoms on our property that potential honeybees could be gorging themselves on.

FIELDThis field was full of dandelions for the month of May. By August, it’ll be filled with other wild flowers.

The trees on the left are already full of blossoms.

Maybe they’re alder bushes. I don’t know. But there’s a few hundred of them growing back there.

HONEYBEE HEAVEN I’m guessing honeybees would love to dig into these blossoms.

Tonnes of them!

BLOSSOMS Look at all that pollen.

The place is backed with blossoms.

CRAB APPLE BLOSSOMS We have loads of apple blossoms back there too. Honeybee paradise, man.

If only we had some honeybees.

And so it goes…

AUGUST 31, 2015: As of today, five years later, there is still only one supplier of honey bees on the island of Newfoundland and it can still be very frustrating getting word from them whether or not an order for nucs has gone through. That’s partially because the demand for nucs is so high. They can barely keep up. Other beekeepers with large operations have started up in recent years and with any luck they will be able to supply some beekeepers with nucs and mated queens in the near future. I hope.

PHOTOS NOTE (AUGUST 2015): The photos in this post may not display properly because they were uploaded through Google’s Picasa online photo album service, a service I no longer use because certain updates created more work for me instead of streamlining the process. I will eventually replace the photos with ones hosted on the Mud Songs server. This note will disappear when (or if) that happens.