Insulation With a Hole In It

Another experiment. And when I say experiment, it means I’m trying something that I hope makes my beekeeping simpler and easier and cheaper. In this video I’ve got a piece of hard insulation over the inner cover, with a hole cut in the insulation above the inner cover hole, and a ventilation rim covering the whole thing.

Hard insulation over the inner cover with a mesh-covered hole in the middle. Genius or stupid? We’ll find out.

The idea behind it is to: 1) Prevent condensation from forming under the inner cover. That’s what insulation does, right? 2) Keep the bees a little warmer. Again, that’s what insulation does, right? 3) Allow for moisture to escape through the inner cover whole and out the ventilation rim. Thus the bees get the best of both worlds, both warm and dry.

It seemed like a good idea in my head, but I’m not sure how it coincides with the laws of thermodynamics.