Junuary Beekeeping on the Isle of Newfoundland

June 8th, 2021:

11:00am. It’s already 24°C in the shade and rising fast, supposedly peaking at 28°C this afternoon, feeling like 33°C (or 91°F).

24°C, 11:00am, June 8th, 2021, Flatrock, Newfoundland.

That’s about as hot as it ever gets for my bees, especially in Flatrock which is usually colder than most Newfoundland beeyards I’ve seen. So…

I’ve slid the inner covers open a tad for my hives that are cooking in the full sun (with a piece of wood hanging off the top cover to give it some shade), and I’ve left out a tub of wet wood chips for them to get some extra water if they need it. I don’t do this often. Update: they didn’t touch the water.

Leaving water out for the bees that they didn’t touch.

June 10th, 2021:

Two days ago it was 30°C / 86°F at the peak of the day. This is my little beeyard 5 minutes ago.

Yup. Snow. The month of June in Newfoundland is often referred to as Junuary.