4 thoughts on “Me and a Bee

  1. Hey Jay, I took this photo with no talent and a crappy camera. Here’s the camera:


    All I do is hit the “macro” button with automatic settings and click away until I luck into a good shot.

  2. I’ve got a Samsung point-and-shoot with 10 megapixels. Most of the time I miss the shot I want because it’s too slow to fire. Perhaps clicking away is the secret. I’ve been told by good photographers that their good:bad ratio isn’t that much higher than mine, they just shoot a lot more.

  3. Just wanted to say by far this is the best bee website with photos. I always refer new beekeepers to the site as it has a huge amount of great information. I also wanted to let you know that after using your insulated hive lids through the winter our survival rate was 97%!!! I was easily able to save two hives that were getting close to starving with this design.
    Great site keep it up! Don’t take it too hard with hives swarming happens to the best of us. My best advice is split your strongest hives well before they get out of control. Michael Bush has some great tips for easy beekeeping on his website.

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