Mud Songs: Now Available in HD!

I think I’ve worked out my high-definition video problems. Until now most of the videos available through the Mud Songs YouTube channel were in standard definition, which is fine and dandy for most of us. But sometimes it is kind of cool to watch a video in full screen mode and not have the picture turn into a bunch of over-sized fuzzy pixels. The pieces of pollen and the tiny hairs on the bees show up much better in HD, even if you don’t have an HD monitor. So for now on if I think the video is worth watching in HD, I’ll upload it in HD. Low bandwidth users can always play it back in standard definition, but the HD option will be there for anyone who wants it. So let’s compare, shall we?

Here’s my most recent video in standard definition (360p). Watch it in full screen mode and see how that works for you. (No need to watch all of it.)

Now here’s the same video in 720p high definition. Again, watch it in full screen mode and see if you can tell the difference — but make sure to select the 720p play back option instead of the default 320p.

Now too bad, eh? I can’t go any higher than 720p because that’s the maximum setting on our camera, but 720p should look okay even on a large HD screen. So that’s it. As you were.

2 thoughts on “Mud Songs: Now Available in HD!

  1. Well Phil,

    It is May 19th, the wind is south for what little wind there is and the temperature was 21°C @10:50. The bees are going nuts. The colts foot are stil out, the Red maples are in bloom and the lawns are yellow with dandilions. Oh what a great time to be a bee. I have never seen so much pollen coming until today. I really do not know where they are storing it all. Can they really consume so much? It is soon time for a 3rd box.

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