Social Media

I tried to encourage the hashtag #NLbees on Twitter and other social media sites to get Newfoundland beekeepers talking to each other because it’s such a quick and easy way to share practical information about their beekeeping experiences. But I don’t think any beekeepers in Newfoundland use Twitter or do much of anything online other than post a few things on Facebook from time to time, and even then, it’s not much.

I nevertheless post beekeeping photos and videos on Twitter and Facebook whenever I can. Following the hashtag #Beekeeping on Twitter can be an education too. I used to post to Google+, but hardly anyone seems to use it, so I stopped. I’m also aware of other social media services like Instagram and Pinterst, but there’s only so much I can I bother with.

I have gotten to know more beekeepers online through this blog and through social media than I’ve met in Newfoundland. Way to go Internet!