October Pollen: The Video

My four honey bee colonies exploded with life today and brought in loads of pollen from somewhere; I don’t know where. Here’s the video:

In other news, I’m feeding my bees back their own honey — capped and partially capped honey from the honey supers. I scraped off the cappings and installed the frames over the inner covers. The bees go mad for it. I’ve given them back about a dozen frames so far, probably close to 30 pounds of honey. I could have kept it for myself, but I’m happy with the 40 or so pounds they’ve already given me, which is more than I expected anyway.

2 thoughts on “October Pollen: The Video

  1. Our temps have dropped considerably and the winter rains are upon us here on the west coast. My bees have not been that active in a while. Although I still see them bringing in pollen on the warmer drier days.

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