Online Varroa Info

Always good to know for when Varroa ever makes it to Newfoundland.

From the University of Guelph and the Ontario Animal Health Network.

Varroa Monitoring Method – Part 1 – Varroa Population Dynamics:

Varroa Monitoring Method – Part 2 – Screen Bottom Board / Sticky Paper Method:

Varroa Monitoring Method – Part 3 – Alcohol Wash

Varroa Mite Detection and Sampling:

A Drone Frame Full of Varroa Mites:

How Commercial Beekeepers Test for Varroa:

More of Ian Steppler’s videos on Varroa:

How to Do a Sugar Shake Mite Count:

Powdered Sugar Treatment:

Longer More In Depth Videos (presentations and lectures).

Making a Plan for the Varroa Mite (from Michigan State University):

Sustainable Varroa Management (Part 1 of 4) Ralph Büchler (from the National Honey Show):

Sustainable Varroa Management (Part 2 of 4) Ralph Büchler

Sustainable Varroa Management (Part 3 of 4) Ralph Büchler

Sustainable Varroa Management (Part 4 of 4) Ralph Büchler

The Varroa Gate: How to Prevent re-Infestation:

Another aspect of preventing Varroa from spreading are sentinel hives, hives set up near entry points (such as ports) to detect Varroa incursion early so action can be taken early.  Sentinel hives have been around for a long time. Here are some informative results that a simple Google search for “sentinel hives” produces:

From the University of Maryland:

From The Australian Academy of Science:

A review of the National Sentinel Hive Program in Austraila (PDF):

From (includes on video that shows how to build a Sential Hive kit):

From The Centre for Advancing Journalism, University of Melbourne:

I offer up some other beekeeping resources that are easy to explore and to learn from on this page. Let curiosity be your guide. Happy hunting, and good luck.

If more resources pop up on my radar, I’ll list them here:

Honey Bee Health Coalition — lots of tools and videos about Varroa.