Open Feeding – Part 2

“Don’t use open feeders for your bees… unless you know what you’re doing.” That’s the common wisdom flying around the backyard beekeeper’s world these days, and it’s a smart rule to follow. So, naturally, I had to try open feeding to find out for myself.

This isn’t the most informative video. I’ve written in detail about opening feeding in other online forums. While I understand why it’s generally discouraged, one doesn’t have to look far to see commercial beekeepers using open feeders in the spring to get their bees off on the right track.

I would not do this if I kept bees in an urban environment or any place close to other beeyards. I’ll write about open feeding more thoroughly at a later date. I’m still learning about it. But I’ll say this:

I am very careful with how I proceed with open feedings, I don’t do it often, and I only did it this year because the weather in my corner of Newfoundland for the month of April has been absolute garbage. Without some help from me, feeding both pollen supplement and syrup, it would take my bees half the summer to build up strong.

P.S.: Even though it might feel good, leaving sugar out for bubble bees or any kind of bee or pollinator is generally not a good idea outside of certain controlled beekeeping practices.