Pee You, What a Stink

I discovered today that one of my hives, not next to my house, has likely been buried in snow for at least a week, maybe two. I didn’t expect this.

A hive that was probably buried in snow for a week or two, with all entrances blocked. (February 22nd, 2020.)

When I cleared out the top entrance, the smell was like rotten caplin fertiliser. Pee you. It was ugly.

Rotten gooey bee poop that had clogged the entrance along with poop-soaked dead bees that we’re cleared away. (February 22nd, 2020.)

The bees needed some cleansing flights and they couldn’t get out. I didn’t open the hive to see the mess inside because I can’t do anything about it at this time. But I’m sure it’ll make an educational video some day (stay tuned).

The last time we saw this hive about a month ago, a rat had been gnawing on it.

The bees came pouring out once I cleaned all the poop-covered dead bees out of the way. I’ll clean it up next week by spraying it down with apple cider vinegar. And I could do with less snow.

5 thoughts on “Pee You, What a Stink

  1. Ooooh yuk! Looking forward to the cleanup post . Why did you choose apple cider vinegar for cleaning… natural and acidic,…
    Good luck

    • I use apple cider vinegar to clean poop and other messes off frames and hive components because that’s how I was taught. I’ve never bothered to ask why cider vinegar instead white vinegar. When people add vinegar to syrup to cut back on mold growth, they use apple cider vinegar. Is it more “natural” than white vinegar? I don’t know. Good question.

  2. Do you dilute the apple cider vinegar to clean with ? Just spray on or brush as well ?

    Great site BTW !!!

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