Photo of a Friendly Bee

I know this bee like the back of my hand.

3 thoughts on “Photo of a Friendly Bee

  1. Hello

    Just found your site again and took interest in your
    Ventilated Top and the plan for it.
    A couple of years ago, I came across a picture of a Ventilated Top in an American (US) site someplace, I thought it was a good idea and came up with my own idea just from thier picture.
    When the July Heat comes in I put the vents on and and the bees seem to be very happy with that arrangement.
    In 2011, I had one hive produce 6 Harvest supers straight up.
    I’m no expert, 5 hives now, but have had 2 Hives for a few years,
    I’ll try and send a picture of my Ventilator invention.
    Send an email back and I will set up your address on my machine.
    I like what you write.
    By the way , I’m in Woodstock Ontario Canada and have my bees at my daughter’s farm

    • Hi Ed,

      I’d love to see your invention. My email address is phillip at mudsongs dot org.

      Woodstock summers are probably twice as long and twice as hot as anything in Newfoundland. Ventilation probably makes a huge difference for you.

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