7 thoughts on “Photos of An Active Spring Hive

  1. Holy! Look at those bees go! I *wish* ours were having more days like that on this coast! It’s been a damp, cold, late spring so far.

  2. I just saw about ten bees around my crocusses. They looked too small for bumblebees, it made me wonder if we’re within the foraging radius of your hives, here on Morris Avenue. I’ve been watching your blog, waiting for the first signs that your bees had made it through the winter. Looks like they did fine. Good luck with it.

  3. Thanks Ford,

    Without giving away the address of our secret lair of bees, Morris Ave is well within range of our honey bee colonies. Those were very likely the bees from our hives. Expect to see plenty more as the weather warms up. They’re a friendly bunch.

  4. I understand. I’ll keep an eye out for them. We didn’t notice them last year, all the same. They looked pretty happy, pollen baskets almost full. Makes me even gladder I planted crocusses!There’s a house on St. Clare with a front yard absolutely full of them. I hope your girls found it. They’d be able to get enough there to last them a nice while. I’ll keep following the blog. Are you planning more foundationless frames this year?

  5. > I hope your girls found it

    That brings up a question: are bees like ants where there’s only one female – the Queen? So all the bees you typically see flying around collecting pollen are males?

  6. Man, you haven’t been paying attention at all, have you?

    All the worker bees are female. Get with the program, brother!

    (Note to everyone else: He’s my brother.)

  7. The active hive is Hive #1. The bees in that hive have already cleaned out the dead winter bees. The bees in Hive #2, though, haven’t touched their bottom board. It’s still full of dead bees and pieces of candy cakes.

    Hive #2 has taken down about 2 litres in syrup in the past couple weeks. Hive #1 has taken down less than a litre.

    These hives are very different.

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