Macro Photos of Bees Drinking

Macro Photos of Bees Drinking

I took several micro macro shots of honey bees drinking in our backyard today. Most of them were out of focus. Here’s one that’s in focus, although the bee’s proboscis (tongue) is hidden:

The proboscis is more visible in this shot, but still not as close as I was hoping for:

The rest of them:

The legs are in focus but the body is out of focus (this is tricky stuff):

Out of focus by millimetres:

P.S.: I thought these were micro shots because they provide what, to me, looks mostly like a microscopic view. But after talking to a few photographers, it turns out they’re macro shots — big photos of small things, or small things made big by coming in close through the use of a macro lens. If the final image is the same size or larger than the actual object, then it’s probably macro photography. That’s not an exclusive definition, but it’s a good start.

8 thoughts on “Macro Photos of Bees Drinking

  1. Try clicking the photos to view them on the original Picasa page where they’re displayed in greater detail. The photos are about the same size, but they’re sharper for some reason.

  2. The second shot shows the proboscis really well, I think! And I love the third shot with the reflection. Stunning, as Emily says.

  3. Must admit Phil. Pretty cool pics of the bees. Most impressed, not that counts for much.

  4. Well, I’ll tell you my secret: I crop into those photos like a son of gun. I get as close I can, but with my cheapish camera, I can never get in close enough to frame the photos well. So I crop and I crop and I crop — and that’s how I get the framing I want. I rarely post photos that aren’t cropped. I crop most of the photos so they’re the exact dimensions of the photo frame displayed in the Mud Songs header, the one that displays (or should display) random photos. So that’s it. I’m not the photographer everyone thinks I am. I’m a big cheater.

    Still, do I know how to crop a photo or what?

  5. It’s looking good. It went up to 18°C in the backyard somehow. The weather is supposed to be miserable for the next week, so I took the opportunity to inspect Hive #2. I video taped it and took some pics, but I’m not sure how any of it came out because I was more concerned with the bees.

    But it went well. The bottom box of the hive was mostly empty — and I mean they hadn’t had a chance to draw comb on at least half of the frames.

    The were bringing in pollen of every kind, every colour. I tried to get some photos of it, but I didn’t have the best camera for those macro shots.

    I’ll try to upload something later today.

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