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New beekeepers who’ve never been here before might be better off checking out my Beekeeping Guide or my videos of Practical Beekeeping Tips before venturing further.

I’m in the process of rewriting or deleting every single thing I’ve posted to this blog since 2010 so that the information is more accurate and up-to-date. It will likely to take me a long time, especially tracking down all the photos that no longer show up. I’m a one-man band here with a full-time job that isn’t beekeeping or writing about beekeeping (though I would take a huge pay cut to do this for a living). I’m aiming for sometime in 2019 to get back to business as usual on this blog, whatever that means. It might not be until December 31st in 2019, but sometime in 2019, I’ll be be back.

As of March 13th, 2019, I’ve deleted, rewritten or tweaked everything from May 2010, Assembling My First Beehive, to August 27th, 2011, Refilling a Frame Feeder.

I will update this post from time to time as I continue to plough through it all.

November 25th, 2018.

Two years ago today, my little Honda Fit got smacked big time by a pick-up truck, by a driver who it seems was texting on their phone at the time, and I got a big ol’ concussion out of it that left me unable to take care of my bees for a year. That’s why I haven’t been around for a while. But today, I’m okay.

I kept a low profile after my accident, and I liked it so much that I don’t think it’ll change any time soon. Don’t take it personally if I don’t return your calls just yet or sign onto any beekeeping associations or other beekeeping groups. None of that is for me right now, but I’ll be around. See ya.

10 thoughts on “Please Stand By

  1. Alls good, nice to hear you’re on the mend…somewhat. It’s a long process, takes time. Getting back to your bees maybe “medicinal “…..they are all about time.
    Take all you need.

  2. Hi Phillip, So happy to hear you are on the mend and now have a goal in sight. Also happy you will be back
    sharing bee stuff in the near future. I started beekeeping 6 years ago this coming May and your site
    was one of the ones that helped me as a new beekeeper. Can’t wait to hear from you and your bee girls
    once again. Happy Holidays and Happy Healthy New Year. Lynn A. In NE PA.

  3. So happy to hear you are ok. My husband and I enjoyed your blog. Stay well from the old folks in New Brunswick.

  4. I just started subscribing after I saw your write-up to show to make sugar bricks without heating for winter feeding… I was concerned about the Methylfurfural (sp.?) too like you. I just fed my two colonies this afternoon, it got to the mid-50’s here in NJ. I liked your youtube videos on it too, please don’t erase. After I retired at age 65, I decided to take up ice-skating, and have had 3 concussions, so I gave it up, and, incidentally, sold my motorcycle. But I’m getting to be a better beekeeper. Which brings me to the question: Why erase any blogs?

  5. Clayton — I’m deleting any blog posts that might contain wrong or misleading information, which is likely with many of my older posts when I didn’t know what I was talking about half the time.

    The sugar bricks — I like them because they’re cheap and easy to make and easy to install in my hives, and considering that every other type of sugar feeding that requires heat can produce hydroxymethylfurfural, which kills honey bees, well, it seems like the safest way to feed them. On warm days, the bees sometimes take pieces of the hardened sugar and drag them out of the hive like dead drones, but most of the time, from what I’ve seen, if they’re hungry and it’s cold, they’ll eat it. Here’s some info on hydroxy—whatever it’s called:

    As for the ol’ concussion, I’ll probably never go skiing again or take up boxing. I haven’t been able to run or jog since my concussion because the vibrations from my feet hitting the ground… do bad things to my brain. I couldn’t walk around my house for the first six months after my accident without going into a neurological tailspin. It was a scary ride there for a while, but I’m much better now. That being said, I can think of betters way to spend nine months of my life.

  6. Drivers who use their mobiles or drink-drive have to be among the most selfish individuals on the planet. Sorry that you went through that. Looking forward to your come-back!

  7. Agreed. Not to diminish the damage and loss of life due to drunk driving, but people who are texting and driving and not even looking at the road seem just as dangerous, if not more. A drunk driver looking at the road at least has a chance of avoiding hitting a person or another car, and with any luck the drunk driver ends up in a ditch and no one else is hurt. But for people who text and drive, there’s no chance that they’ll avoid hitting someone. A collison can’t be avoided when a person isn’t actually watching where they’re going. During my 20-minute drive to work, I see an average 5 people a day texting (looking down at their laps) while driving. It’s easy to spot. And a bit unnerving.

  8. There should be greater penalties… anyone seen texting and driving should instantly lose their license, no excuses. And more patrols by the police. There should be a fine payable too to cover the cost of the patrols. Would save lives.

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