Quiet Time With The Bees

This is a 5-minute video of time-lapse and slow-motion footage of my honey bees in May 2018. I couldn’t find any use for these shots in my normal videos, but they’re still kind of cool to look at, so I’ve tossed them in with my other behind the scenes videos. Watching this in full screen mode might be the way to go.

These videos clips were shot on my Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone and a $40 made-in-China GoPro knock-off “sports camera.” And now for something completely different…

Live long and pawsper.

Ray (the Dog): “Don’t worry, Captain, I got this!”

(PhotoShop image by @EllaMclellan on Twitter.)

Check out the Month of May category for another taste of what happens to some beekeepers on the east coast of Newfoundland during the month of May.

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