Rainbow of Pollen

I took several photos of bees with pollen today, but I like this one the most because the bee’s wings are in the forward position, and I’m not sure where that pollen is coming from, but it’s got that psychedelic thing going on.

February 2019 Postscript: Due to a technical glitch, all the other photos for this post got lost. The above photo is the best one anyway. Here’s a quick video of clip that shows how much I had to crop in on the original photo.

7 thoughts on “Rainbow of Pollen

  1. Nice shots! What kind of camera/lens are you using to get these pics? The dark pollen is nothing i have seen on my bees yet.

    • Hi Steve,

      Your comment was flagged at possible spam. That’s what happens when you’re too complimentary.

      Clicking on any photo and open it on my Picasa page. The camera model and all the other info in listed for each photo under Photo Information on the top right.

      I only use built-in lenses and nothing-fancy cameras.

  2. I can’t tell where the bees are picking up all this pollen. So many different colours. Green, blue, yellow, everything. But everywhere I walk in St. John’s, it’s desolate. I don’t see any natural flowers blooming. A few dandelions are beginning to poke up, but they’re scarce. Someone must have a giant flower garden on their property. I can’t figure it out.

  3. Love seeing all the different colours together, stunning. Haven’t seen any blue/black pollen on mine before but the red horse chestnut pollen they bring back is very striking.

  4. Wow, great photos.

    I often wonder about the sources of pollen that our bees bring into their hive. We were at a nearby apiary last weekend, and the bees were bringing in fluorescent orange pollen. It was crazy-looking.

  5. In the U.K. we often get black pollen from red poppy flowers. Bumblebees also greatly enjoy these flowers!

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