Reducing a Spring Colony

12 minutes of super fantastic beekeeping.

The bees seem healthy, but none of my colonies are making it out of winter strong so far.

00:00 — Hello farm hives.

01:15 — Removing sports strap (no ratchet straps for me).

01:50 — Bottom entrance clogged with sugar.

03:24 — Inside the hive.

04:04 — Cracks between the supers.

05:10 — Inside the hive, reducing down.

05:50 — Mountain Camp often doesn’t work (left over sugar).

06:50 — Inside the hive, smallish cluster.

08:20 — Adding rapid feeder (with spilt syrup).

09:10 — Crack in hive, disposing of sugar.

10:00 — Leftover drawn comb.

10:20 — Parting words.

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