Refilling a Frame Feeder

I had to refill a frame feeder in one of young 2-deep hives today and decided on the spot to record a demonstration video that could have been titled How To Refill a Frame Feeder, but isn’t. Here are some pics and then a video at the end. Here I am pouring in the syrup:

Here’s a close up of the bees eating a left over bit of a pollen patty:

Honey bees in a nuc chowing down on a pollen patty. (August 27, 2011.)

Here’s a simple recipe for pollen patties that works: Mix some pollen supplement powder (we get ours from Beemaid) with some 2:1 sugar syrup until it’s like Play-Doh, not dripping wet but moist to the touch and doughy. Spread it out flat on wax paper or parchment paper. Put another layer of paper on top, sandwiching the pattie between the paper to help maintain the moisture. Lay it on top of the frames in the hive. The bees in our nucs have been scarfing it down like Doritos and they’re doing great. Okay, that’s enough. Here’s the video:

2 thoughts on “Refilling a Frame Feeder

  1. Thanks for the hole/plug refill idea. I’ve lost bees as I refill similar frame feeders. You mention using a cork in the feeder tubes. The corks don’t get in the way of the bees getting to the syrup?

  2. I make the plugs by flattening a bottle cap, driving a nail through the centre and pushing a cork on the nail. The cork on the nail can be trimmed, thinned out, because it doesn’t have to fit tightly in the plug hole.

    “The corks don’t get in the way of the bees getting to the syrup?”

    Maybe a little. But you can cut the corks into smaller pieces so they’re not as bulky. That usually works.

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