4 thoughts on “Saving a Drowning Honey Bee

  1. What a treat to see a lone honey bee in a quiet moment, just resting and grooming in the sunshine. They are such fascinating little creatures, its obvious that she trusts you. How lucky you are!

  2. I’m not sure trust has much to do with it. But most honey bees won’t sting unless I give them a reason to, usually me messing around with their hive (their home) which they will naturally want to defend. I don’t think I’ve ever been stung outside the immediate area of the beehives.

    That’s something many people may not realize, that honey bees on flowers (or drowning in buckets of water) are not defensive and can be touched without risk of stinging.

  3. Some of our bees found their way over to the neighbor’s pool. So what did he do? He put some packing peanuts in the water so that the bees have something to land on and won’t drown!! awesome neighbor

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