Still No Honey

We took a peek at the honey supers on our two full hives a few days ago. The bees in Hive #2, the mostly foundationless hive, have shown no interest in their honey super. My guess is they’re still backfilling all the foundationless drone comb instead. My prediction: Hive #2 will be a complete write-off for honey this year. The honey super on Hive #1 is looking better, though it still has a way to go. Most of the frames have only partial comb drawn on them. Here’s the left side of one of the foundationless frames in the honey super:

Here’s the right side of the frame:

Here’s some fresh comb just getting started:

Here’s a close up of some fresh white comb:

Here’s a middle frame section of some uncapped honey:

Here’s some uncapped honey on a foundationless frame:

And here’s the one frame with a bit of capped honey on it:

Going foundationless in the cold and damp that is St. John’s, Newfoundland, was a mistake. Most of the bees’ resources went into producing drones and then back-filling the old drone comb with honey (instead of filling the honey supers with honey). That whole situation has been hugely disappointing. The foundationless mistake combined with the lousy virtually non-existent summer we’ve had hasn’t been great for honey production. Hopefully I’ll get some honey from at least one hive by the end of September.

One thought on “Still No Honey

  1. The honey super in Hive #1 is looking much better now. Most of the frames were only partially drawn a week ago, and I didn’t see many bees on the comb. Now, only five days since installing a screened inner cover, every frame in the honey super is full of bees.

    That means the bees are either building or filling honey comb on all nine frames.

    I wish I’d taken photos since day one (five days ago). The first photo would show empty spaces between most of the 9 frames, except for maybe one or two in the middle. The last photo (the linked photo above) would show bees filling the spaces between every frame.

    I kinda love it.

    We’ve been lucky to have warm sunny days for the past week or so, and the next week is looking good too. If I was an optimist, I’d say it’s time to put on another honey super. But I’m not. Come September, everything will probably turn cold and wet again and that’ll be the end of it.

    If this good weather does keep up well into September, though, I think it’s fair to say we’ll get at least one honey super full of honey this year. Hooray for sunshine!

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