Tagging Along With a Backyard Beekeeper

This is what it’s like to follow me while I’m beekeeping. My “workshops” (i.e., standing next to me while I do my thing in the beeyard) is exactly like this. I do what I have to do and explain in as much detail as I can off the top of my head everything I’m doing or planning to do.

00:00 – The bees’ flight path.

00:25 – Talking intro (4 mins).

04:10 – Drones getting nudged out.

04:55 – Looking inside a hive for honey.

10:00 – Hive configuration with ventilation rim.

11:45 – Talking about hive #2.

13:45 – Removing middle frame instead of edge frame.

14:10 – Summary of inspections.

15:50 – How to use a swarm box.

17:30 – What is drawn comb?

19:18 – Talking about bad queens.

21:10 – Adding drawn comb to nuc.

23:50 – Talking about fall beekeeping (robbing etc).

24:40 – Holding bees with bare hand. At the 6-minute mark I say, “That’s drawn comb,” when I meant to say, “That’s comb honey.” I’ll write about all of this in more detail when I have time.