The End

I’ve decided to pull the plug on Mud Songs instead of letting it fizzle out and die. Here’s why: When I first began beekeeping in 2010, I kept my hives in my urban backyard and was engaged in a daily fascination with the bees because they were constantly present. I saw the bees every single day, even in the winter, and loved every minute of it. I was glad to share my experiences so others might learn from my stumbles and bumps and little successes along the way. In the summer of 2012, though, I had to move the hives to a rural location because my next door neighbour complained to the city about the bees buzzing around her yard too much. Pretty much overnight, the fuel that fired most of my interest in beekeeping — the constant presence of the bees — was gone. My time with the bees dropped from several hours a day to maybe a few hours a month and none of that time involved the leisurely observations — watching the bees all day — that I was accustomed to when the bees were in my backyard. So that’s it. Even though it’s more work than pleasure these days, I’ll continue to keep bees. But until I have them on my own property again and can reconnect with the fascination I experience from being around them all the time, I don’t see the point in maintaining this web site. The driving force behind most of what I’ve done with Mud Songs is gone. The bees are gone. Not completely gone, but gone enough. With any luck, though, I’ll be back in business within a year or two, chilling with the bees in a different backyard like I used to. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Take care.

— Phillip

January 17th, 2014
St. John’s, Newfoundland

18 thoughts on “The End

  1. I’ve been following your blog for awhile, and I’m so sorry to read that you won’t be writing anymore. I completely understand, though. Good luck getting the bees back into your backyard!

  2. I too have enjoyed your posts, and you have helped me in many ways watching the you tube videos especially!

  3. Sorry to hear, I started my bee adventure 2 years ago reading your blog. I hope you don’t remove all the information and videos you have created, even if you aren’t going to add any new content.

  4. Nope. Comments will remain open and some posts may be updated if something relevant comes to light (e.g., I’ve always updated my posts when I was wrong about something). But nothing is going away.

  5. Will miss your comments etc. I have been following you for the last couple of years. I think you should move! Need a good Realtor? I can hook you up in your area…. just let me know; I’m a beekeeping Realtor in NB with connections in your area.

  6. Thanks, Richard. Currently, I’m renovating and touching up my house so it’ll show well (or show better). You might eventually hear from me. I appreciate the offer.

  7. I just discovered your web site. I feel bad that you’ve had to stop for now. What you’ve posted here is so valuable to someone like me. I’m aiming to start keeping bees this spring. I’m glad you are keeping your content online. I’m trying to absorb as much information as I can before I start. I’m from New Brunswick and I will appreciate the information from someone from a similar climate.
    I hope you get going again in a new location with more understanding neighbors.

  8. Thanks Jim. I doubt I’ll add much new content until 2015. It all depends on whether or not I can find a house with suitable land. I will, however, stick posts that are currently relevant to the top of the page (they’re called sticky posts). For instance, at the moment, I have the “Adding Pollen Patties” post from February 18th, 2011, stuck to the top of the page…

    Whatever is relevant for beekeepers in my kind of climate, that’s what you’ll see at the top of the page when you come to Mud Songs.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about haveing to move your hives and taking a break till you relocate. I found your site 4 months ago the same week I registered to take a 2 day bee course on the other side of Canada in southern interior BC. Your youtube videos and blogs have been invaluable for us! Your cut comb(cutting and bottling) was the first video I seen on youtube and I have been dreaming of making our own for our family since! I LOVE that your in Canada and deal with similar cold winters challenges we have here. We have just ordered 8 nucs and eager to get started. Anyways sorry about being long winded but I wanted you to know that your families experiences have made a huge impact on how we plan to bee keep for ourselves. I am so glad your not closing your site and I really hope to see more postings in the future.

  10. Dear Phillip,
    I just found your blog. Your online legacy is stellar. You can’t let your neighbor suck the passion for bees out of you. I’m in Ohio and I’m constantly dealing with neighbor issues, especially the overuse of pesticides. As a nurse I urge you to keep at least a nuc in a secluded part of your yard to fuel your passion so you can continue to help all of us seeking knowledge on the internet and most importantly, the BEES. Your obviously very resourceful, I have been known to sneak a nuc on a flat roof outside my window. Spring is arriving this week! We live in a sad, sick world but it’s up to people like us not to let people like your neighbor stop us from making it better. Peace

  11. I’m glad you like the website. I’m not sure when I’ll get it up and running again, though I do upload photos here whenever I think of it:

    And yes, I’m setting up a couple of nucs in my backyard this spring to keep my spirit alive until I can have my hives set up properly on my own property again. Thanks.

  12. Hello Phillip.
    I have more or less just discovered your site a I was doing some searches for someone interested in keeping and getting bees in Newfoundland. I remember watching some youtube videos of yours along the way as well. A shame that the wind can be taken out of one’s sails in such a manner.
    I hope you get the property you are looking for and that you can once again fully enjoy this thing we have with bees.

  13. Great site, info and honesty. Greatly appreciated by a novice bee keeper. Actually haven’t got my bees yet, but soon! I say you dedicate a room in your house to the bees. Open a window, remove screen, no hive for neighbour to see, therefore complain about. Looking forward to seeing/reading more of your life with bees. All the best and thank you for sharing.

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