Thermal Imaging Beekeeping Hack


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My Flir thermal imaging camera is a finicky piece of gear that never consistently produces a readable or useful thermal image of my beehives or, more specially, the cluster of bees living in the hives.

As shown in this short video, the camera can produce usable images, sort of, but it typically requires a lot of farting around. In this case, I inadvertently notice that when I put my hand in front of the camera and then take it away, I’m able to get a clearer image of the cluster during the few seconds the camera is re-calibrating.

If anyone can tell me how to freeze the camera at the setting that gives me a readable image instead of the default setting that produces a constantly changing and somewhat useless image, I’d love to know. I don’t have much patience for this kind of technology.

I also haven’t changed my mind about thermal imaging cameras. They’re for people with money to blow, which these days seems to be most beekeepers. But I wouldn’t consider it essential for most backyard beekeepers. A Flir camera is just a neat thing to have around.