Thermal Imaging on Beehives

Let’s check out my hives with a thermal imaging camera:

I’ve had a Flir One thermal imaging camera that attaches to my cell phone for a few years now. It’s okay, though I still don’t think it’s essential for most backyard beekeepers. Maybe for wealthy hobbyist or commercial beekeepers, but it seems like an extravagance for anyone on a budget who’s not trying to hit the big time.

This video, by the way, is Part 2 of a video I recorded last week where I filmed myself predicting where the clusters were in my hives without disturbing the bees, without removing the top or inner covers from the hives — and without using my Flir One thermal imaging camera. But my computer exploded while I was rendering the video, the files got corrupted and so, that’s it. But just pretend I accurately predicted where all the clusters were located (because I did).