Thick Combs of Honey

The bees in one of my hives are making the thickest combs of honey I’ve ever seen.


I usually put 10 frames in a honey super, but I had to knock that down to 8 frames just to make room for the ridiculously thick honey comb these bees are building.


One of my colonies swarmed two days ago and I wanted to see if it was this colony. Thankfully, it wasn’t. The hive is packed with bees and they’re making honey and building natural comb like it’s going out of style. I couldn’t be more pleased.


I have a strong, healthy colony that shows no signs of swarming and has already made more honey than I harvested from all of my colonies last year. (I just need to give them another week or two to cap it.)


I’ll be honest: The bees rarely do what I’d like them to do. But these bees are doing everything just right. I am in awe.

2 thoughts on “Thick Combs of Honey

  1. Those are amazing honeycombs! We’re having a fantastic flow down here in my neck of New England as well. Can’t believe that the girls are still bringing nectar in.

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