Thick Spring Bees (Video)

I know it isn’t always too exciting, but one of the purposes of this website is to document anything new we haven’t seen before and to take note of when certain things happen so that we, as novice beekeepers stumbling through all this mostly on our own, will have a reference for next year’s beekeeping. We don’t have access to any kind of beekeeping association that might allow us to compare notes with other beekeepers in Newfoundland — because there is no association, and there aren’t many beekeepers either. So just for our records, here’s a short video of the bees flying around our backyard today about an hour after I removed some useless top hive feeders and replaced them with inverted jar feeders sheltered (with insulation) inside some medium supers. This video constitutes part two of Spring Bees in Flight.

One thought on “Thick Spring Bees (Video)

  1. Something very cool happened today. I’ll get a post up later tonight. I’ll tell you this, though: I put a candy cake into one of the hives because they don’t seem to be interested in syrup. I didn’t use the smoker — and that makes all the difference. I could have done the whole operation without any gloves, maybe even without my veil (though I won’t try that for a while). The bees were not at all defensive. They acted like I wasn’t even there.

    I love that.

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