Two Hives With No Insulation

Checking on my two farm hives. 17 minutes long.

Here are the highlights:

00:00​ — Discovering one slightly poopy hive.

Lots of casual discussions (with myself) throughout all of this about what I’m looking at. Discussions about adding protein patties, what poop in the hive could mean, etc.

01:25​ — Bees inside the hive eating sugar.

02:25​ — Defensive bees chasing after me.

03:00​ — Removing mesh from hive, clearing out dead bees.

04:15​ — Opening hive, noticing poop on the frames.

06:10​ — Removing full medium frame of honey, noticing more poop.

08:45​ — Looking inside the hive for mildew. Something about this cluster has me concerned.

09:45​ — Talking about the D.E. Hive ventilation system again. No insulation on either of these hives.

11:15​ — Another look inside the hive with sugar, with bees clustering high.

13:00​ — Noticing a stink around one of the hives.

15:25​ — Summarising the condition of both hives, what I plan to do with them.