An Active Spring Hive

I know this must be like new parents showing off photos of their baby that looks like every other baby on the planet. It won’t be like this next year. But this year is my first spring with the bees, my first full summer with the bees, my first honey harvest — a lot of firsts — and I want a record of all of it so I know what to expect next year. Okay then. Let’s roll the video:

That’s Hive #1. There are so many bees that they literally sound like a chain saw. Hive #2 is active, but doesn’t show much interest in the bottom entrance. I think that colony may be a different breed of bees. I came in very close to the hive to shoot this video. The bees were crawling all over my hands and around my face (I had my mouth closed the whole time). I’m extremely pleased that they’re so well behaved.

7 thoughts on “An Active Spring Hive

  1. So right about the proud parents showing of pictures of their babies! You should know that the other people that appreciate these pictures/videos is other proud parents.

    • Yes. We’re an exclusive group.

      By the way, I just updated the video. In the first version I neglected to show the bees flooding out the top entrance. The updated video should be 2 minutes long.

      I may upload an HD version, too, as an experiment. The video is shot in HD, but it takes forever to upload such a large video file. The up close shots of the bees in HD are impressive, though, so I might go for it.

  2. I removed the mouse-proof entrance reducer but put it back on three or four hours later after the traffic died down.

    I noticed that much of the pollen the bees brought in had collected on the bottom board. It must have fallen off their pollen baskets somehow. Strange. I’ve never seen that before.

    (I’m still trying to upload an HD version of the video. The last attempt took two hours and then failed during the last 30 seconds of the upload. Nice.)

  3. I pulled my mouse proof (removed the nails) about 2 weeks ago and have not put it back. Also I checked teh bees last evening when I got home and they were taking back the sugar syrup from the inverted jar. Looks like it is going to be a good weekend. Sun and double digits so the bees should be out in full swing. I hope they find my crocus. I’m looking forward to see them bring pollen in.

    • I didn’t think of just pulling the nails out of the mouse-proof entrance reducers. I’ll do that now.

      Mine are slowly taking down the syrup from the jar feeders, only in the past few days, though. Judging from this year, I don’t think I’d bother with hive top feeders until the worst of the cold was over. The bees won’t break cluster or leave the brood while it’s cold.

      I’m on a film shoot from Friday to Sunday, so I won’t see anything this weekend. If we don’t get anymore snow, the dandelions will be up soon.

  4. Agreed waiting for the warm weather before added the top hive feeder. That way it will drive brood prodcution to allow the split. I need to pick up some Anise flavoring on Tueday too. I want to drive the girls snaky so they’ll suck back the syrup.

    On a side note I dreamt I seen my first drone for the year, scary….

  5. I’m picking up some Anise oil today, though I won’t have time to mix it with any syrup until May. I won’t be around much between now and the end of April.

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