Visiting My Secret Beehive

A quick drop in on the only beehive I have that has a deep. My other seven hives are all-medium construction, which I hope plays out well for me (so far so good), because I’ve pretty much cut all my deeps down to mediums.

P.S.: Dummy boards are also known as follower boards.

(I’ve created a special tag just for this hive, Giant Hive 2021, so everything I’ve written about it can be viewed in sequence.)

2 thoughts on “Visiting My Secret Beehive

  1. Try using masking tape for the hive bodies that don’t exactly fit together.

    • I’ve used duct tape over the years. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve also heard that Gorilla tape creates the best seal for winter weather.

      I actually found something today to fill in the cracks between the supers, but I’m not going to say what it is just yet because if I mention it, I know I’m going to get looks like I’ve got a screw loose. It’s a bit out there. Or it’s a flash of genius. I’ll eventually write a post about it — if it works.

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