Walking Through a Hive Inspection

Here’s a 20-minute video where I walk you, gentle viewer, through a full hive inspection, the first hive inspection of this year for this particular hive where I reverse the hive while I’m at it.

I used to make more concise instructional-type videos that demonstrated beekeeping tasks often overlooked in beekeeping books and other instructional videos. I kind of don’t do that anymore. Which might explain why my videos views have dropped significantly over the past while.

I admit, my videos are boring these days. And I’m cool with that.

I remember when I began beekeeping, it wasn’t the quick and easy beekeeping videos that taught me the most. It was the ones where I got to sit and watch a beekeeper actually do what they do in real time (or almost real time), as if I was standing there right next to them. Yup, visually, it’ll put you sleep, but to see what happens, including the things that don’t go as planned, as opposed to the ideal circumstances that many books and instructional videos provide that aren’t helpful at all to new beekeepers when everything goes south on you — those kinds of videos are invaluable.

Just to listen to an experienced beekeeper as they work through their hives, I would hear things I would never otherwise learn. Little tricks and details learned from their personal experience would pop up, and that kind of thing would make a huge difference to my beekeeping. Those are the kinds of videos I’d like to make these days.

I’ll add more details that discuss the details of this video later when I have more time. Cheers.