5 thoughts on “Winter Begins

  1. Overall winter temperature is jsut above -5°C. This chill will pass.

    The temperature is going to go from -15°C to +8° is < 24 hrs today. Welcome to Newfoundland.

  2. It’s gone up to 5°C today. Rain. Snow melting away. But it’s been cold and snowy for the past week or two. Very cold. I’m impressed that the bees can live through this kind of weather and may have to contend with it for the next couple months (assuming they’re not dead). More dead bees are piling up the bottom boards of all the hives. I can see the bees eating away at the raw sugar in two of the hives. (I’m totally sold on that method of feeding now, by the way. A candy board could be more reassuring, but dumping the raw sugar in the hives is so much simpler and easier — and appears to be working — I can’t think of any reason to switch back to having to mix up hard candy again. Anyway…) I can’t see the bees in two other hives going at the sugar, but I assume they either have enough honey or are simply eating sugar from the other end of the hive where I can’t see them through the top entrance.

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