Winter Foil Bubble Wrap For a Single

My saga with wrapping my hives in foil bubble wrap continues, this time with a 3-minute video involving a 2-medium hive, or the equivalent of a single deep.

Something like this is great for beekeepers on a budget. At my local giant hardware store, this stuff is sold under the Reflectix brand name in various sizes and prices including:

10 feet x 24 inches = $27
25 feet x 12 inches = $32
25 feet x 16 inches = $38
10 feet x 48 inches = $49
150 feet x 4 feet = $154

For Metric people, 1 foot is about 30 cm.

I’ll punch in the numbers later, but I’m confident that my $38 roll will allow me to wrap more hives more affordably than commercially available hive wraps made from exactly the same material. I’ve seen the official hives wraps selling anywhere from $20 for a single deep hive wrap and $20 for a double, which I assume means two deeps. In any case, for beekeepers on a budget, the hardware store option is probably more affordable.

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