Witch Hazel for Bee Stings

I use medicated pads of Witch Hazel to treat honey bee stings, just like I’m doing right now:

Bee sting wrapped in a pad soaked in White Hazel.

Bee sting wrapped in a pad soaked in Witch Hazel.

They’re sold under the brand name Tucks, but also generically as “personal cleansing pads.” Under whatever name, the magic ingredient is Witch Hazel, which can also be purchased at the drug store in liquid form, though I find the pads more convenient. The Witch Hazel helps reduce the swelling. I use a few pads to soak the stinged area and then a final fully-medicated pad to wrap around the area. It’s not a cure-all. Nothing is. But it works good enough for me. It certainly takes the edge off.

3 thoughts on “Witch Hazel for Bee Stings

  1. I got stung in the lower leg by a yellow jacket earlier today. It got me good. And man, it burns. I ran into the house and soaked the sting with witch hazel and then used a bandage to wrap a witch hazel medicated pad onto my leg. It made a big difference.

    I also took some pain killers, but that’s another story.

  2. Cortisone cream will take the sting right out. Chewing tobacco moistened and bandaged on will take the sting out to.

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