Yogurt Shelters

Beekeepers on a budget with minimal carpentry skills might like these little shelters I made from old yogurt containers to keep wind, rain and snow from blowing through the upper entrances of my beehives. Here’s a three and a half minute video that shows what I’m talking about. (It ends with a 15-minute extended cut for those who like to dig a little deeper.)

It’s an experiment.

December 31st, 2021: It didn’t take long for condensation to build up around the yogurt containers.

2 thoughts on “Yogurt Shelters

  1. What a great idea!! I have a moisture Quilt on my hive and have been trying to figure out how to block winds from going into the exposed top entrance. I think I thought of everythig but this. I do have a 1 inch shim attached to the bottom of my Quilt with the entrance hole facing up, That helps but I like this idea. Thanks for sharing.

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